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More LED Soultions Now Available:

As time speeds by, more and more manufacturers are presenting their offerings in LED variants. Major names in the industry are jumping on-boad the LED Lighting bandwagon and presenting some pretty remarkable products. Some, like LED tape has limited, albeit creative applications, while others are merely replacements for the previous CFL or incandescent counterparts from generations past.

We've been testing and adding new LED ligting products to our catalog. We really like the LED wallpacks and landscaping bollards from RAB, as well as the Kichler under-cabinet LED lights. Take a look at our latest LED additions: LED Lighting.

Protect Your Electronics With Surge Protection Devices:

Home electronics today are high performance machines requiring not only lots of power, but stable power. The power coming into your house is subject to voltage dips and spikes as it comes from your utility, as well as surges from other sources like lightning.

Without surge protection, your precious (and costly) home electronics can be quickly turned into expensive paperweights in an instant. Keep them around longer with Surge Protection devices, from power strips that power just one or a few devices, to whole-house products here: SURGE PROTECTION.

High Efficiency, Low Energy - LED:

The real deal with LED lighting - LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has been around since it's invention in the 1920s in Russia. Only in the early 1960s did it come to America as a practical electronic component where they all emitted a dim red light. Modern LED components however, produce light across the visible and some invisible spectra (ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths). LED lighting sources are robust, small, fast devices which use less energy than modern CFL bulbs and last longer too.

We are now offering LED fixtures for your LANDSCAPE, UNDER-CABINET, OUTDOOR, and RECESSED lighting projects. To find out more about what LED can do for you, call or email to speak with our staff: Email

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Welcome to the City Wholesale Electric (CWE) Online Catalog - Home to one of the web's largest selection of electric supply items.

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CWE Services:

Parts Finder Program

- Can't Find the Part You are Looking For?

While we stock and sell approximately 15,000 items from the industry's leading manufacturers, that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the total products in this industry. The folks at WiringDevice.net have created a nifty program which lists (at the time of this article) over 500,000 products from over 65 of the field's top producers. Click HERE to use their Part Finder service.

Lamp and Ballast Recycling

- City Wholesale Electric now offers light bulb and ballast recycling.

The gases used inside fluorescent and HID bulbs is toxic, and disposing of these lamps in your trashcan is not only illegal in California (and other states as well), but very harmful to everyone around you. These bulbs contain small amounts of mercury which is a neurotoxin to humans and animals, and is especially dangerous to children and expectant mothers.

If you were to simply throw your light bulbs in the trash, there is every chance that they will break on the way to the landfill, thus contaminating the surrounding soil, ground water, and other sensitive parts of the environment. Until recently, there has not been an easy solution to disposing or recycling your fluorescent and HID bulbs.
City Wholesale will now accept your discarded lamps/light bulbs and the ballasts that drive them and handle their disposal & recycling.

The following will be accepted:

* Straight Fluorescent Bulbs
* U-Tube/Compact/Biax/Par/Halogen/Projector Bulbs
* HID/Mercury Vapor/Metal Halide/Low-High Pressure Sodium Bulbs
* Shielded Fluorescent Bulbs
* VHO PowerGroove
* UV Fluorescent/Germicidal Bulbs
* UV Fluorescent/Suntan Bulbs
* Incandescent Bulbs
* Xenon Bulbs
* Fluorescent and/or HID Fixtures
* All Ballasts

Bulbs must be brought in multiple case-loads. Walk-ins with individual lamps will not be accepted.

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Live Chat:

During business hours you can contact us via LIVE CHAT using AIM (AOL Instant Messanger) screen name: CWEinfo

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